Insights from Gracy Chen of Bitget

Bitcoin and blockchain tech are relatively young, just 14 years old, starting in 2009.

Blockchain's rapid growth has opened doors for the younger generation, especially Gen-Z, who are tech-savvy and immersed in crypto culture.

Gracy Chen, Bitget's managing director, has been in tech since 2014, blending business knowledge with hands-on crypto expertise.

Chen stresses the importance of blockchain education as a foundation for those interested in the industry, covering personal and professional skills.

Blockchain education has beginner and advanced levels. Beginners learn about keys and decentralized apps, while advanced learners explore blockchain tech, smart contracts, and tokens.

Bitget, led by Gracy Chen, backs blockchain education through initiatives like Blockchain4Youth, focusing on financial know-how and blockchain basics.

Gen-Z adapts swiftly to blockchain basics due to their digital upbringing, making them potential candidates for crypto careers.

Even if not pursuing a blockchain career, learning blockchain basics is valuable for avoiding scams and understanding finances.

Bitget provides digital courses and certificates through Bitget Academy, conducts campus lectures, and plans scholarships for young blockchain enthusiasts.

Bitget's Builders Program trains over 100 young talents in blockchain and Web3, especially in developing countries, preparing them for careers in digital finance and blockchain.

Unlike a decade ago, when opportunities were scarce, initiatives like Blockchain4Youth now offer pathways to success in the blockchain field.

Blockchain education empowers young people by giving them control over their finances and privacy, aligning with the core values of digital finance.

In summary, blockchain technology, though young, has created opportunities for the next generation, and Gracy Chen and Bitget actively promote blockchain education to empower them.